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As digital technology advances, individuals are experiencing a newfound sense of "mobility freedom," yet the importance of ​physical mobility is diminishing. Considering that we can acquire essential information and carry out our lives without ​moving, what is the current significance of physical mobility?

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Regardless of your origin, education, or workplace, ​everyone deserves a space where they can be ​healthy, comfortable, and happy. It is a fundamental ​right for all individuals to find that place, and if ​someone has yet to discover it, our service is here ​to provide support.

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Yugyo inc., is Japan's first marketing firm ​specializing in the digital nomad's market.

By forming partnerships with all stakeholders, ​including the domestic attraction of overseas digital ​nomads who work regardless of location, we will ​promote projects and initiatives that bring new ​economic and social impacts to the region.

Travel Memories

Scents beyond borders. Scents that bring color to your space. Scents that bring back memories.

Containing natural, high-quality ingredients. Why not bring scents that relax you and enrich your travels? .


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