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yugyo Inc.

Ryo Osera

28 September 2022

Daiichi Prince Building1F・2F 8-13 Gionchou,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken,Japan


1,000,000 Japanese yen

Marketing proposals for the digital nomad market,

business development, consulting, etc.

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Ryo Osera

Associate Professor, The Frontier Institute of Tourism Sciences, Kanazawa ​University

Executive Officer, Japan Digital Nomad Association

Executive Advisor, Japan Workcation Association

Co-founder of HafH (Travel Subscription, travel-tech)

  • Born in Nagasaki, Japan(1983).
  • Graduated from University of Tsukuba(2007)
  • Worked at Dentsu Inc(~2019).
  • Appointed as supervisor of Social marketing for Prime Minister's Office of ​Japan(2015-2018).
  • Appointed as advisor for city planning at Tsukuba City (2018- 2020). 2019 Co-​founded and launched HafH, a travel subscription service.
  • Executive advisor to Japan Workcation Association(2020~)
  • CEO of yugyo inc.~(2022~)
  • Associate Professor at The Frontier Institute of Tourism Sciences at Kanazawa ​University, Executive Officer of the Japan Digital Nomad Association (2023~).

yugyo inc.

株式会社 遊行

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