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Monitor tour to attract overseas digital nomads

to Nagasaki City in November.

yugyo inc., in cooperation with the City of Nagasaki and the Nagasaki International ​Tourism and Convention Association(DMO NAGASAKI), will conduct a monitoring tour ​in Nagasaki City to attract digital nomads, drawing attention as a new inbound market. ​The tour will be held six days from November 5 to 10, 2023, as a beta version of "Colive ​Nagasaki," a coliving program in which digital nomads from Japan and abroad, who lead a ​working lifestyle regardless of location, will live together.

■ About "COLIVE NAGASAKI Beta Version"

This monitoring tour program aims to attract overseas digital nomads, a new inbound ​market that prefers medium- to long-term stays of one month or longer, to Nagasaki City ​and to lay the groundwork for developing a local acceptance system.

■ Overview

Schedule: From Sunday, November 5 to Friday, November 10, 2023

Place: In Nagasaki City

Stay: As the main co-living facility「NAGASAKIHOUSE BuraBura」「HafH Nagasaki ​SAI 」

Details: Colive Nagasaki

※Regardless of whether you participate, we appreciate your cooperation in completing ​the survey on a page.

Deadline: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 23:59 JST

■ Itinerary(TBD)

Nov 5th:Check in, Nagasaki Night View(one of Japans 3 best night views)

November 6:Opening ceremony, Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Museum), BBQ

November 7:Excursion: Nature activities in Nomozaki

Nov 8th:Nagasaki City tour(Triangle of Prayers, Dejima etc.), local bar hopping

November 9:Gunkanjima Battleship Island tour, Workshop with local, Farewell party

Nov 10th:Check out


株式会社 遊行(代表取締役CEO:大瀬良亮)は、長崎市並びに(一社)長崎国際観光コンベンション​協会(DMO NAGASAKI)のもと、新たなインバウンド市場として注目される海外デジタルノマドの誘​客並びに受け入れ整備に向けたモニターツアーを長崎市にて実施します。場所にとらわれず働くライ​フスタイルを送る国内外のデジタルノマド同士が生活を共にするコリビングプログラム「Colive ​Nagasaki(読み「コリブナガサキ」、以下「本プログラム」)」のβ版として、2023年11月5日より10​日までの6日間開催します。



■ 概要



協力:主たるコリビング施設として「NAGASAKIHOUSEぶらぶら」「HafH Nagasaki SAI」

詳細・申込:Colive Nagasaki


■ 旅程(予定)

Nov 5th:チェックイン、稲佐山夜景

Nov 6th:オープニングセレモニー、平和公園など

Nov 7th:野母崎

Nov 8th:長崎市ウォーキングツアー、思案橋

Nov 9th:軍艦島ツアー、ワークショップ、フェアウェルパーティー

Nov 10th:チェックアウト

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