News | 7 December 2023 Tokyo, Japan

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CEO Ryo Osera to speak at

“MYOJOWARAKU” in Taiwan.

[News] Event speaker information

CEO Ryo Osera is speaking at "MYOJOWARAKU” in Taiwan, a festival of technology and ​creativity that started in Fukuoka in 2011.


Myojowaku, with the concept of "heterogeneous collaboration," serves as a platform ​where people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds come together to create new ​things and experiences. Since 2011, the festival has been a movement embodying ​"heterogeneous collaboration," hosting various festivals and events.

Irrespective of age or position, Myojowaku functions as a space where diverse individuals ​intersect, becoming a catalyst for the creation of innovative ideas and projects. It acts as a ​dynamic "apparatus" fostering connections between different people. We aim for the ​things and ideas born here to become a movement that sweeps across Asia and, ​ultimately, the world.

Note: The event will be held in Taiwan.

■ Speaking Details

  • Date and Time: December 16th, 2023
  • Location: Social Innovation Lab (Taipei)
  • Fee: Free (Fill the application)
  • More details:

  • 14:00~14:50 Saturday
    • Theme: Digital Nomads, Taipei-Fukuoka
    • Speakers: Masanori Hashimoto (NuLabo Co., Ltd. / CEO), Harry Wang (Slasify / ​Business Development Manager), ShiyingRung Pan (9floor 玖樓 / CEO), Ryo ​Osera (Yugyo Co., Ltd. / CEO)

  • Theme: Creating Content that Excites Users
  • Speakers: Kan Eguchi (Film Director / Chairman of KOO-KI), Shusei Hanabuchi ​(Capsule Japan Co., Ltd. / CEO), Atsuo Nakayama (Entertainment Sociologist), Ryo ​Osera (Yugyo Co., Ltd. / CEO)
  • More details:



■ 明星和楽について




  • 14:00~14:50 場所: Social Innovation Lab(台北市大安区)
  • テーマ: Digital Nomads, Taipei-Fukuoka "
  • 登壇者:橋本正徳(株式会社 ヌーラボ / 代表取締役)、Harry Wang(Slasify / Business ​Development Manager)、ShiyingRung Pan(9floor 玖樓 / 代表取締役)、大瀬良亮(株​式会社 遊行 / 代表取締役 CEO)

  • 17:00~17:50 場所: Social Innovation Lab(台北市大安区)
    • テーマ: ユーザーを熱狂させるコンテンツづくりとは
    • 登壇者:江口カン(映画監督/KOO-KI取締役会長)、埴渕 修世(カプセルジャパン株式会社 ​CEOH)、中山 淳雄(エンタメ社会学者)、大瀬良亮(株式会社 遊行 / 代表取締役 CEO)

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