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CEO Ryo Osera to speak at MochiMochi Talk #67, ​titled "Life Design and Travel


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CEO Ryo Osera is speaking at MochiMochi Talk #67, titled "Life Design and Travel - NEW ​LIFE NEW JOURNEY.”

The talk event "MochiMochi Talk," hosted by IT Business Plaza Musashi, aims to support ​new challenges in the fields of IT and design. Inviting guest speakers from various genres, ​the event focuses on fostering enthusiasm and motivation towards the creation of new ​industries.

This session aims to unravel the essence of travel and explore how to edit, produce, and ​create new value for "towns," "work," and "business" through the lens of travel.

■ Speaking Details

Application Period: December 12 (Tuesday) - January 18 (Thursday)


モチモチトーク #67「ライフデザインと旅 〜NEW LIFE NEW JOURNEY〜」に、弊社CEO大瀬良亮が​登壇します。




  ※申込期間:12月12日(火)〜 1月18日(木)

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