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2024 New Year’s Message by CEO Ryo Osera

Happy New Year!

In the past year, yugyo Inc. embarked as Japan's first specialized marketing firm for digital ​nomads. In October, in collaboration with Fukuoka City, we successfully executed the first-​ever public-private partnership initiative for attracting international digital nomads in Japan.

Our co-living program, "Colive Fukuoka" aims to establish itself as the new pilgrimage site ​for international digital nomads. We brought together approximately 50 digital nomads ​from 24 countries and regions, and lived together in Fukuoka city for a month.

We are happy to have gathered attention from both domestic and international media, ​successfully marking the start of the "Digital Nomad Era."

This year, the spotlight on the "digital nomad" market is expected to broaden not only ​among local governments but also in private enterprises since the issuance of the Digital ​Nomad Visa in Japan may begin. We believe that through collaboration with various ​stakeholders, digital nomads can contribute as a guiding light for Japan.

Like a dragon soaring high, we sincerely wish for your further prosperity and well-being ​through the journey of digital nomadism.

Yugyo Inc. CEO

Ryo Osera




新たなインバウンド市場として注目される海外デジタルノマドの新たな聖地となることを目指し、場​所にとらわれず働く約50名の海外デジタルノマドを24か国・地域から誘客し、1か月間生活を共にする​コリビングプログラム「Colive Fukuoka」は、国内外のメディアからも注目をいただくことができ​「デジタルノマド元年」に合わせて何とかスタートダッシュを切ることができたと感じております。



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