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CEO Ryo Osera to speak at

"Namikaze Challenger Ecosystem”

[News] Event speaker information

CEO Ryo Osera will be speaking at a talk event, "Namikaze Challenger Ecosystem,” ​organized by Nagasaki Prefecture and CO-DEJIMA with the cooperation of the Nagasaki ​Prefectural Art Museum.

■About "Namikaze Challenger Ecosystem"

This event aims to serve as a catalyst for the following two points amidst the complexity ​and diversity of the current landscape:

  1. Sharpening the "insight" to question the status quo and find the "why" for challenging ​new things.
  2. Cultivating an attitude of "love" towards oneself and those who work together, by ​understanding how to harness one's own uniqueness to sustain ongoing challenges.

  • Date: February 2 (Friday) - February 3 (Saturday), 2024
  • Location: CO-DEJIMA, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum
  • Organizers: Nagasaki Prefecture, CO-DEJIMA
  • Cooperation: Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum
  • Fee: Free*

 Participants attending the social gathering will becharged for food and beverages*

Event details:

■ Speaking Details

For any organization, company, or team, "comradeship" is crucial. While there is no ​correct answer regarding such relationships, fostering the most suitable organizational ​structure and culture for the organization is necessary to bring out the team's potential.

In this talk session, "Creating the Best Comrades" will be discussed by exploring the ideal ​state for internal team members and their interactions with external stakeholders, ​including the company's products.

This session is recommended for…

-startups or companies looking to expand their team

-executives or managers struggling with management as their team grows

-those facing challenges in communicating with their comrades

  • Date & Time: February 2, 2024 (Friday) 17:30-18:20
  • Title: "Creating Comradeship to Shape the Future of Companies, Businesses, and ​Organizations" ~ Maximizing Team Strength in the Relationship between Executives ​and Members ~

Details & Registration:


長崎県、CO-DEJIMA主催,長崎県美術館の協力により開催されるイベント「Namikaze Challenger ​Ecosystem」に、弊社CEO大瀬良亮が登壇します。

■「Namikaze Challenger Ecosystem」について




  • 日程:2024年2月2日(金)-2月3日(土)
  • 場所:CO-DEJIMA、長崎県美術館
  • 主催:長崎県、CO-DEJIMA
  • 協力:長崎県美術館
  • 加費:無料 (※但し、懇親会参加者は飲食用として参加費が発生します)






  • 日程:2024/2/2(金) 17:30〜18:20
  • タイトル:会社・事業・組織の未来をつくる「仲間づくり」 〜チーム力を最大化する経営者とメ​ンバーの関係性〜
  • 登壇者:森 一峻氏(ひとこともの公社 代表理事)、矢島 ノブ雄氏(オシエルズ、一般社団法人 ​日本即興コメディ協会 代表理事)、加古 俊彦氏(一般社団法人 日本即興コメディ協会 理事)、​大瀬良 亮(株式会社遊行 代表取締役)


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