News | 13 February 2024 Tokyo, Japan

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CEO Ryo Osera to speak at

"Frontline of Workation”

[News] Event speaker information

CEO Ryo Osera will be speaking at a talk event, "Frontline of Workation," organized by ​the Japan Tourism Agency with the cooperation of the Telework Vacation Public-Private ​Partnership Council.

■About "Frontline of Workation"

"Frontline of Workation" is an event focused on learning from the case of Fukuoka City, ​which is taking advanced initiatives in attracting digital nomads.

This event aims to visualize and network the efforts of various stakeholders promoting ​telework and workation, with the goal of further popularizing and establishing telework and ​workation practices.

This event is recommended for tourism associations, DMOs (Destination Management ​Organizations), regional coordination agencies, municipal officials, executives of local ​businesses, project leaders, HR personnel, as well as executives of companies in major ​metropolitan areas and urban areas who are enthusiastic about attracting digital nomads ​and welcoming workations.

  • Date: March 4, 2024 (Monday)
  • Location: Daimyo Conference (Online participation option available)
  • Organizers: Japan Tourism Agency
  • Cooperation: Telework Vacation Public-Private Partnership Council
  • Fee: Complimentary

■ Speaking Details

Our CEO will be participating in the panel discussion titled "Exploring the Charm and ​Potential of Fukuoka Workation × Digital Nomad" (tentative title).

  • Date and Time: March 4, 2024 (Monday) 14:12~15:32
  • Title: Panel Discussion "The Attraction and Potential of Fukuoka Workation × Digital ​Nomad" (tentative title)
  • Registration Deadline: March 3, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59








  • 日程:2024年 3月4日(月)(途中参加や途中退席も可)
  • 場所:大名カンファレンス (※オンライン開催あり)
  • 主催:観光庁
  • 協力:テレワーク・ワーケーション官民推進協議会
  • 参加費:無料


  • 日程:2024年 3月4日(月) 14:12~15:32
  • タイトル:パネルディスカッション「福岡ワーケーション×デジタルノマドの魅力と可能性につい​て」(仮称)
  • 登壇者:横山 裕一氏(福岡市役所 経済観光文化局観光コンベンション部観光産業課係長)/田中 ​敦氏(山梨大学生命環境学部教授 地域社会システム学科)/大瀬良 亮(株式会社遊行 代表取締​役)
  • 参加申し込み締切:2024年 3月3日(日) 23:59


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