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yugyo Inc. launches Partnership with Airalo

yugyo Inc. (CEO: Ryo Osera) has launched a partnership with Airalo, the world's largest ​eSIM store, starting from April. The partnership with Airalo, which serves over 200 ​countries and regions, will make the digital nomad lifestyle even easier for both domestic ​and international travelers.

■ About Airalo

Airalo is the world's first eSIM store, providing eSIM service that solves the problem of ​high roaming fees and enables easy Internet access anywhere in the world.


  • Immediate usability from airport arrival with pre-registration
  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide range of plan options
  • Comfortable communication and network quality
  • High user satisfaction
  • Over 5 million users worldwide

■ How to Use

Please click the registration link down below and enter the coupon code that will be sent to ​your registered e-mail address to apply for the discount.

The coupon code is also updated monthly via our Instagram highlight “Airalo Code”.

1. Register from the link below:

 ※Please proceed from "Login/Register" circled in red below.

2. Get the code:

 Check @yugyo_nomad (Instagram highlight) or the email sent to your registered ​address.

 ※ Please make sure to confirm that your device supports eSIM before purchasing.

 ※Coupon code for April:

    • New users: APR15
    • Existing users: APR10

3. Enter the code and proceed the purchase:

 ※Discount Amounts:

    • New users: 15% discount on all Airalo eSIMs.
    • Existing users: 10% discount on all Airalo eSIMs.

 ※The coupon code changes monthly. You must enter the code every month to get the ​discount.

For business partnerships and other inquiries:Contact us





  • 特徴
    • 事前登録で空港到着時から即利用可能
    • 安価な料金設定
    • 豊富なプラン選択肢
    • 快適な通信とネットワーク品質
    • 日本語によるサポート
    • 高い利用者満足度
    • 世界利用者数500万以上



1.  以下のリンクより登録


2.  コードの入手

「yugyo 公式LIINE」、もしくはご登録のメールアドレスに送信されるメールをご確認ください。


yugyo 公式LINEのご登録はこちらから:

3.  コード入力を行い、購入へ


  • 初期登録ユーザー: 15%割引
  • 継続ユーザー: 10%割引


問い合わせ先はこちら:Contact us

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