News Release| July 2023 Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to "Colive Goto"!

We are excited to welcome new residents!

A small coliving space has been opened by yugyo Inc. in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, with the capacity to accommodate up to six people. Residents have been welcomed since July 2023. Although HafH Goto The Pier initially operated the facility, it is now being managed by KabuK Style Inc.

Goto Island is gaining popularity among those who enjoy workation, as it provides an excellent combination of work and beaches despite being located in the countryside. It is a true hidden gem in Japan, so as a global digital nomad, you will have the opportunity to explore it as one of its first!

■The facility

Six private rooms with high-speed wifi and private coworking space are available on the 2nd floor of the hotel "SERENDIP HOTEL GOTO", which is a 10-minute walk (4 minutes by car) from Fukue Port.

The facility is fully equipped with furniture, home appliances, you don't even have to bring your own towels. A well-equipped kitchen space, providing an environment where you can live from that day onwards.




Upon move-out, a refund will be issued assuming no issues are found.


USD $ 620+ / Month all inclusive

Rent includes utilities, Wifi, and English support. Price fixed until Summer 2023, flexible from Spring 2024.

We are pleased to provide a variety of discounts to our valued customers. Whether you are a repeat visitor, planning a long-term stay, coming in pairs, or referred by a friend, we have special offers just for you. We even offer a daily rate for those looking to move in mid-month. To learn more about these exciting deals, simply visit our website and get in touch with us today.

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