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Japan's first marketing firm specializing in the digital nomad "yugyo inc."

officially launched.


Yugyo Inc. is Japan's leading marketing agency focused on the digital nomad market. Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, the agency is spearheaded by CEO Ryo Osera. Since its establishment in September 2022, Yugyo has been working closely with all stakeholders to launch innovative projects and initiatives that will generate fresh economic and social benefits for local communities in Japan. The agency's primary goal is to attract digital nomads from all over the world visiting Japan.

And we announce that we have forged a partnership with Fukuoka City to conduct a robust "Project to attract overseas digital nomads and to understand their needs." This project will be a public-private partnership, and we will conduct their first "promotion project to attract overseas digital nomads" in Fukuoka City in October 2023. Yugyo's ultimate objective is to make a meaningful contribution to regional development and the future of local communities in Japan, both domestically and internationally.

■ Establishment background

The number of "digital nomads" who travel and work remotely without borders is rising. Currently, the global digital nomad market is said to have about 35 million people, and it is predicted to increase to 1 billion people in 2035, 10 years from now *2.

Countries are paying attention to its economic and social effects, and the introduction of "digital nomad visas" has now reached more than 40 countries.

In Japan, the "New Era Inbound Expansion Action Plan" was announced at the Tourism Nation Promotion Ministerial Conference at the end of May 2023. Attracting digital nomads and acquiring advanced IT personnel, long-term stays, and high spending are getting attention *3.

On the other hand, despite the reputation that Japan is an attractive destination for overseas digital nomads, there are still misunderstandings such as "high prices," "English is not understood," and "values in life are different." Japan is recognized as a "difficult country to live in," Yugyo believes there is a mountain of tangible and intangible problems in the acceptance system.

To solve this problem, we will provide professional know-how specializing in digital nomads, such as consultation on attracting digital nomads, business matching, and planning production. By working with various stakeholders such as governments, private companies, and educational institutions, we will create an environment that makes it easy for overseas digital nomads to live.

Through our corporate activities, we will strive to create a future in which each person can choose a diverse way of life that allows them to choose their work style and place of work. Be where you are meant to be)", and we will fulfill our corporate responsibility.

*2 Considering the possibility of attracting digital nomads traveling the world ・Column - JTB Research Institute


*4 [Digital nomad visa, expected as a tool for regional revitalization (Estonia, Spain, Portugal) | Business brief - JETRO overseas news - JETRO (]


■ Message from CEO, Ryo Osera

The company's name, "Yugyo," refers mainly to Buddhist monks traveling around the country for missionary work and training. Ippen Shonin, who founded the " Jishu" sect in the late Kamakura period, is famous for his "Yugyo" (walking), and as the wise monks traveled around the country, they built temples, spread food culture and agricultural products, Etc. He is said to have made many contributions to development.

Now that we are entering a new era where individuals with skills move in search of other wisdom, we believe everyone can bring their knowledge to the region and create a new culture, and we named our company "Yugyo."

Digital nomads, expected to bring blessings to the region while traveling, have already demonstrated an economic effect. In Madeira Island, Portugal, where the digital nomad visa was introduced, the first one from 2021, it is said to have attracted more than 6,000 digital nomads annually, bringing an estimated economic effect of €30 million *4.

Following global trends, we established a company specializing in this market, believing that attracting digital nomads, who have an economic and social impact in Japan's regions, will help solve local issues. While making the most of my career as a digital nomad, I will push forward with my business to create as many new possibilities as possible for the Japanese community.

■Fukuoka City "Promotions to Attract Customers from Overseas Digital Nomads and Grasp Needs"

Fukuoka City commissioned Yugyo to promote attracting overseas digital nomads and understand their needs. Fukuoka City will be recognized as a base for overseas digital nomads to stay in Japan and will become a city visited by digital nomads worldwide. Aiming to achieve this, we will conduct a fam tour inviting the media and influencers, disseminating information, and surveying needs. Details will be announced at a later date.

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