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Limited sale of yugyo inc. Original Goods

for first anniversary

yugyo inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Ryo ​Osera) aims to create a social and economic impact on the region by incorporating the ​overseas digital nomad (*1) market into Japan, has started to sell "yugyo original goods'' ​that will stimulate your five senses through travel, in commemoration its 1st anniversary. ​As yugyo's first original product, the "Scents" series has released. We offer four types, ​including the "Hana" series, a popular calligraphy art by Yuj Doi's work. Goods are on sale ​at the site (URL: We will distribute special price coupons (20% ​OFF) for a limited time.

① Yuj Doy 「HANA」Set ¥12,800(tax included)

・1 bottle of HANA aroma

・1 piece of HANA T-shirt

・1 piece of HANA post card

②Aroma「yugyo」set ¥13,500(tax included)




4.「yugyo」original post card set

③ Aroma

「HANA」produced by Yuj Doy

yujdoy blended aroma HANA 

5ml ¥6,400(tax included)

Lavender, Myrrh, Opoponax etc.

This special aroma was born out of ​the imagery of "kasane" (layering). ​This scent gives the quiet elegance of ​the sunset time where the horizon ​stretches across the sky in the west, ​leaving behind a hint of the sun's ​warmth as it transitions into the night.

yugyo 「Kaze」「Tsuchi」「Yuu」



yugyo blended aroma KAZE

5ml ¥3,600(tax included)

Aka Ezomatsu, Lime, Aomori Hiba etc.

This scent is the capture of the gentle ​breath of flora deep in the forest, and ​the misty and refreshing air flow. The ​subtle breeze, carrying profound ​weight, gives life into the space, ​creating a harmonious and ​invigorating ambiance.

yugyo blended aroma TSUCHI 

5ml ¥4,100(tax included)

Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sandalwood etc.

The powerful harmony of the particles ​emanating from the ground and the ​growing young sprouts adorned with ​the bright sunlight is enclosed in a ​bottle. The scent harmonizing with the ​air brings a softness and peace into ​your mind.


yugyo blended aroma YUU 

5ml ¥5,800(tax included) 

Juniper berry, Vetiver, Benzoin etc.

The alluring aroma reminds you of the ​diverse and enchanting scent of the ​air in an unknown city of a journey. ​This bottle holds aromatic records of ​scents collected while journeying ​around the world. With an ambiance ​inspired by a sophisticated night in ​adulthood, it paints a picture of both ​"quiescence" and "movement" in your ​heart.


・Flower Bouquet T-shirt ¥6,600(tax included)

This art is a T-shirt printed with the ​word "Kasane," which has a ​worldview that expands by ​overlapping multiple works. A small ​bouquet designed like a brooch or ​tattoo gives off a concentrated and ​gorgeous feel.

・yugyo original postcard set¥1,500(tax included)


Sales start from Thursday, October 18, 2023


■ About aroma creation

produced by yugyo 「KAZE」「TUCHI」「YUU」

Atsuna Urayama

She was born in Hokkaido in 1989 and used to work as a bartender. Due to ​her health condition, she discovered plant therapy. After graduating from ​NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES Holistic School, Omotesando, Tokyo, she ​became an AEAJ-certified aromatherapy instructor, JAMHA-certified ​medical herb coordinator, etc.

Also, she has completed IAPA Aroma Fragrance Stylist. Currently, she is ​developing products using natural essential oils and creating spaces for ​extensive commercial facilities, accommodation facilities, model homes, ​etc.

<About the aroma development collaboration "Kokoro and Aroma">

"Message of fragrance from where you are meant to be." Creating yugyo's ​aroma collection was a new journey for me, and every day was unique. I'm ​sure it will continue to be an incredible journey.

It's like the small triggers that occur in your life slowly but steadily expand, ​and many encounters come together. I would be happy if you could add ​scents to the scenery you see and to the moments of relaxation.

■ Artist Introduction

yugyo inc. Staff / Calligrapher 

Yuj Doy

He was born in 1992. At university, he majored in education and Japanese ​history. After working as a teacher and excavation investigator, he began his ​creative activities using calligraphy as one of his tools. The passion and ​delicacy conveyed through the lines are not just letters that give meaning but ​seek to discover possibilities that go beyond the concept of letters. His works, ​in which he "draws and writes" letters, are like paintings, moving back and ​forth between figuration and abstraction.


Yuki Ueda

He was born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1988. After graduating from Kyoto ​University of Foreign Studies, he traveled around the world at 24, visiting 45 ​countries over one and a half years. After returning to Japan, he joined Amana ​Co., Ltd. Since 2016, he has become a freelancer, traveling to polar and ​remote areas worldwide and photographing them to bring unimaginable ​landscapes to as many people as possible. 2017 Canon "SHINES" 2017 ​Kazuharu Shinagawa selection. In recent years, he has expanded his range of ​activities from 8,000m peaks in the Himalayas to underwater and Antarctica, ​and in 2021 he climbed Mount Everest (8,848m). Photo books such as 2022 ​“Between the Sky and the Earth, the Boundary Line between Dreams and ​Present -EVEREST-” are currently on sale.

■ Message from Ryo Osera, Representative Director and CEO

We have managed to celebrate our 1st anniversary. yugyo inc. has moved its ​headquarters from Tokyo to Fukuoka and restarted as a Kyushu/Fukuoka ​company. Japan's first overseas digital nomad invitation project (commonly ​known as Colive Fukuoka) has attracted approximately 50 participants, far ​exceeding the initial invitation target of 30 people, and the number of ​applications has continued to increase since its launch. We are progressing ​with many possibilities. While keeping an eye on the expansion of the digital ​nomad market, we aim to continue to expand our economic and social impact ​in the regions we support sustainably through the development of "Kaze ​(travel planning)" and "Soil (environmental improvement in host regions)." )," ​and "Culture (marketing support to stakeholders).”

*1 Digital nomad: People who use IT to live a lifestyle where they work ​regardless of location. In Japan, as work styles evolve during the coronavirus ​pandemic, the number of remote workers who can work irrespective of location ​is increasing. The "workation" market, where people travel while working, is ​predicted to expand to 100 billion yen in 2023 (about 65 billion yen in 2020). ​There are signs of market expansion overseas as well; as of 2021, there are ​approximately 35 million digital nomads, and the market size is about 110 ​trillion yen. The market is expected to expand to 1 billion people by 2035. As of ​January 2023, countries worldwide have begun issuing "digital nomad visas" ​to attract the digital nomad market, and more than 40 countries have already ​introduced them.

【About yugyo inc.】

yugyo inc. is Japan's first marketing firm specializing in the digital nomad ​market. By attracting "digital nomads" to Japan who can work anywhere, we ​will collaborate with all stakeholders and create new economic and social ​impacts in the region.

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