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yugyo Inc. collaborates with Nagasaki City and ​Japan Digital Nomad Association to establish the ​platform "DIGITAL NOMADS in NAGASAKI"

aiming to welcome international digital nomads

in local communities starting in 2024.

yugyo inc. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Ryo Osera) aims to ​foster social and economic impacts in local communities through the acceptance of the ​international digital nomad market in Japan. To support the acceptance of international ​digital nomads, which is gaining attention as a new inbound market, yugyo Inc. has ​collaborated with Nagasaki city and the Japan Digital Nomad Association (JDNA) to ​establish the platform "DIGITAL NOMADS in NAGASAKI". In partnership with the local-​focused digital nomad communities such as the "JDNA English Community" and the ​"JDNA Community Manager Academy,"operated by JDNA, this platform will commence ​welcoming international digital nomads from the fiscal year 2024.



1. Collaboration with the digital nomad community operated by JDNA

This platform is a local-focused international digital nomad acceptance platform developed ​by yugyo Inc. in collaboration with JDNA to create a comfortable environment for digital ​nomads staying in Japan. Through collaboration with the digital nomad communities ​operated by JDNA, such as the "JDNA English Community" and the "JDNA Community ​Manager Academy (CMA)," this platform promotes mutual exchange between each local ​community and international digital nomads, supporting the lives of digital nomads staying ​in Japan.

About "JDNA English Community"

The "JDNA English Community," operated by JDNA, is a free English online community ​for digital nomads, facilitating exchanges between domestic and international digital ​nomads through information sharing about local areas. It provides event information, living ​advice, and experience sharing tailored for digital nomads.

About JDNA English Community (English): xxx

About "JDNA Community Manager Academy (CMA)"

In 2023, JDNA launched the online training course "JDNA Community Manager Academy ​(CMA)" for community managers targeting international digital nomads. This course aims ​to support the lives of digital nomads on long-term stays and to train and certify ​community managers for digital nomads who play a role in connecting the locals and ​visitors. yugyo Inc. has cooperated in the development of this academy. In the first CMA ​recruitment held in December, 11 participants from various parts of Japan were certified ​as official digital nomad community managers by JDNA.

This platform supports local-focused acceptance of digital nomads by collaborating with ​the JDNA English Community and JDNA official digital nomad community managers ​active in Nagasaki and other regions nationwide.

2. Publication of "Daily Life in Nagasaki" from the perspective of international digital ​nomads

In November 2023, yugyo Inc. conducted a "Monitor Tour for Inviting International Digital ​Nomads" in Nagasaki City in collaboration with Nagasaki City and the Nagasaki ​International Tourism Convention Association (DMO NAGASAKI). During this tour, ​international digital nomads who visited Nagasaki for the first time focused on filming ​promotional videos that highlighted the "daily life" in Nagasaki and participated as models.


Leaflet Production & Photography: April Co., Ltd.

Video Production: Stefanos Antypas / Lars Myrvang

Writer: Miyako

Model: Lara Muzio

Additionally, we are recruiting stores and local businesses willing to distribute pamphlets.

For those interested, please contact:

■Comment from Nagasaki City Office

In Nagasaki City, international digital nomads have been getting more attention, ​considered a new inbound market, and efforts have begun towards attracting and ​accommodating them. Nagasaki city has the history of being the “sole gateway for ​international interactions” since Nagasaki's "Dejima" was the only place open to the ​outside world during Japan's isolation period. Leveraging its historical background, ​Nagasaki aims to create an acceptance system through community engagement, diversity ​enhancement, and fostering new exchanges, with the aim of generating opportunities for ​business matching.

■Comment from yugyo Inc. CEO, Ryo Osera

Dejima, the birthplace of mine, was the first place in Japan to accept cross-border ​workations. It could be considered the birthplace of workations. From 400 years ago, ​Nagasaki, where Dutch traders enjoyed Japan's culture while engaging in trade, has truly ​laid the groundwork for accepting digital nomads. I am genuinely delighted that Nagasaki ​has shown interest in and started preparing to embrace this new market. Moving forward, ​yugyo Inc., along with businesses in Nagasaki City and throughout the prefecture, aims to ​exert efforts to create opportunities for the new business prospects of the international city ​of Nagasaki.

■About yugyo inc.

yugyo inc. is Japan's first marketing firm specializing in the digital nomad market.

By attracting "digital nomads" who work regardless of location, we will collaborate with all ​stakeholders and create new economic and social impacts in the local communities.

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