News | September 2023 Tokyo, Japan

yugyo inc. collaborates to promote

coworking spaces for international digital nomads.

Signed a business collaboration agreement with AnyWhere inc. and introduced the 'Fukuoka City Area Pass for digital nomads (Beta)', granting access to multiple coworking spaces in Fukuoka City from September 1st.

yugyo inc. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Ryo Osera) aims to generate societal and economic impacts in local communities by embracing the international digital nomad market (*1). In this pursuit, they've formed a strategic alliance with AnyWhere inc.(Headquarters: Musashino, Tokyo, CEO: Haruhisa Saito), operators of the "Team Place Pass," which offers access to multiple workplaces.

This partnership seeks to create conducive environments for digital nomads' flexible work lifestyles.

As an initial endeavor, they are launching the "Fukuoka City Nomad Connect Pass (Fukuoka City Area Pass for digital nomads - Beta)," enabling digital nomads and inbound tourists to enjoy workations in Fukuoka by accessing several coworking spaces. The collaboration will enhance English content for foreign users and streamline the matching process between overseas users and coworking space providers.

■ Background of “Fukuoka City Area Pass” for digital nomads:

Since the loosening of visa restrictions in October 2022, the number of tourists visiting Japan has soared, with May 2023 recording 1,898,900 tourists – a staggering 1,191.4% increase YoY (*2). Furthermore, the burgeoning number of digital nomads is estimated at around 35 million and growing. The demand for English-friendly coworking spaces in Japan is subsequently surging.

yugyo, a marketing firm specializing in the digital nomad sector, offering new business development for all stakeholders. This collaboration with AnyWhere inc. and product development signifies the start of their mission to foster environments for digital nomads globally. The local coworking spaces in Fukuoka City are anticipated to drive value in the region by attracting international digital nomads. The inaugural "Fukuoka City Area Pass for digital nomads" will be distributed to participants of the "Overseas Digital Nomad Attraction Promotion Project (known as ColiveFukuoka)," promoted by Fukuoka City and Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau(*3).

■ Details of "Fukuoka City Area Pass for digital nomads”

  • *1 Digital nomad: People who use IT to live a lifestyle that works regardless of location. In Japan, the number of remote workers who can work irrespective of location is increasing due to the evolution of work styles during the COVID-19 crisis. The "workstation" market, which allows people to travel while working, is expected to expand to 100 billion yen in 2023 (approximately 65 billion yen in 2020). There are signs of market expansion overseas, with about 35 million digital nomads as of 2021 and a market size of about 110 trillion yen. It is expected to expand to a market of 1 billion people by 2035. As of January 2023, countries worldwide have started issuing "digital nomad visas" to attract the digital nomad market, and more than 40 countries have already introduced them.
  • *2 Link: Tourism Stats 2023 - JTB Research Institute
  • *3 COLIVE FUKUOKA press release link

■About AnyWhere inc.

With a vision "for everyone, everywhere to work and live prosperously," AnyWhere Ltd. operates the workplace platform "TeamPlace." They support new corporate ventures, system development, and IT and system consulting related to spaces. They launched the "TeamPlace Area Pass" late last year, providing access to multiple local workspaces.

■About yugyo inc.

yugyo inc. is Japan's first marketing firm specializing in the digital nomad market.

By attracting "digital nomads" who work regardless of location, we will collaborate with all stakeholders and create new economic and social impacts in the region.

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